Dear Valued Clients,

Amid the growing concerns and panic surrounding the COVID-19 virus, Maids Matter holds the safety of our staff and clients as the top priority.

To ensure everyone's safety and to do our part to flatten the curve, Maids Matter will remain closed at this time. This closure will be in effect until April 14th.

Please know this is a tough decision as the cleaning staff only earns wages from cleans, but this profession puts them and our clients at great risk, and as previously mentioned, everyone's health is top priority.

On April 14th, we will provide an update on whether we will be reopening or remaining closed until further notice. This will be based on information provided by the Government of Canada and Ontario, and Health Canada until then.

At this time, all of our staff remains healthy.

All clients with scheduled cleans from March 19th to April 14th will be rescheduled once Maids Matter is able to reopen. This will still apply if Maids Matter remains closed past April 14th.

The office will remain closed during this time. Emails and texts will be monitored irregularly from Monday to Friday. 

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Stay safe and healthy.